Scan, View/Navigate, Analyze & Archive

Premier Laboratory’s state-of-the-art high-throughput automated scanning service is ideal for the creation of your digital slide library.

Your digital library will be robust, flexible and confidential.

  • Conversion

    Conversion of your glass microscope slides into high-resolution digital slides is well suited to:

    • 24-hour secure Internet enabled international access for remote viewing and analysis
    • Long-term image archiving
    • Database management (images with linked sample data & reports)
    • Photomicrograph documentation
    • Coordinating images and associated data for publication
    • Importing select fields into text/presentation files (eg. Word or PowerPoint doc)
    • Image annotation and editing
    • Preparation for digital image analysis (densitometric, morphometric or stereometric)
    • View and compare multiple slides side-by-side
    • Coordinating data from multiple projects
    • Sharing images for review/consultation
  • In Addition...

    In addition to the above, if you choose to have Premier Laboratory host your images through their Digital Slide Archive Service you also obtain:

    • Documentation back-up
    • Maximum storage capacity
    • No investment in image management IT, hardware or software
  • Manipulate Digital Slides

    • Pan and focus on any region (x, y or z)
    • Zoom for desired magnification
    • Generate thumbnail map of entire slide
    • Enhance images with real-time edits including contrast, brightness and gamma adjustments
    • Bookmark and annotate
    • Analyze for densitometric, morphometric or stereometric parameters
    • Share digital slides via secure Internet distribution or other electronic media (CD or DVD)
  • Image Source Options

    • Your slides or slides prepared for you by Premier Laboratory
    • Histologic sections, TMAs, smears or monolayers
    • Routine, special, immuno stained slides
    • Full slides or select areas (based on morphology, stain deposition or other parameters)
    • Selection of magnification options (20x, 40x)
  • Digital Slide Delivery Options

    • DVD or hard drive
    • Hosting through Premier Laboratory’s Digital Slide Archive Service with Internet enabled secure access
  • Database Design and Management Options

    • Integrate into your internal database
    • Implement one of Premier Laboratory’s standard databases
    • Premier Laboratory can custom design and optimize your image database